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Are you looking to buy a home?  We can help you find the home you've been looking for!!

Quickly - Easy Qualifying - Little to no Money Down - Reasonable Monthly Payments!!


Let us help make your dreams of real estate ownership come true. Please use the Contact Us page so we can discuss your wants and needs in a home, and let you know how we can help make that happen.

Buying a home can be exciting, stressful and puzzling, all at once.  After all, you are making what’s likely to be the largest purchase of your lifetime. And your home is not only a financial asset; it’s a place for you to build your life and your family.  Our goal is to help people have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of owning a home!  Whether you are in the market to buy your first home, upgrading to a larger home or purchasing property as an investment, we will help make the process as smooth and seamless as possible.


We know that all real estate professionals are NOT the same.  When you’re purchasing a home you need an expert in your corner who’s working in your best interest.  We believe that knowledge is what opens doors.  With our knowledge and expertise you can feel confident in all aspects of the home buying process from choosing the right neighborhood to evaluating property value to negotiations to the closing





Home Buyer Education

The home buying process can seem complicated, but if you take things step-by-step, you will soon be holding the keys to your own home!  First, you need to know how and where to begin. We will answer all of the questions you have when deciding whether or not you are ready to buy a home.  With all of the details involved in buying a home, we will be there to hold your hand and navigate you through every step.


Access To The Best Specialist In The Real Estate Industry


We work closely with a network of real estate professionals in order to provide you with the best-of-the-best in the industry.  To assist you in the home buying process, we often leverage our close relationships in order to meet your needs.  Our network includes:


·         mortgage brokers,

·         credit repair experts,

·         attorneys,

·         home inspectors,

·         private money lenders,

·         contractors,

·         moving companies,

·         and many more.



Rent-To-Own Program


If you aren’t quite ready to purchase yet, you can really benefit from our rent-to-own program.  The program was designed to help renters with credit issues who can’t yet qualify for a mortgage or don’t have a large lump sum of cash available for a down payment. With our rent-to-own program, instead of just paying rent, your rent payments apply toward the purchase of a home!  So you can start to build equity, while repairing your damaged credit to qualify for a mortgage.


Choosing The Right Home


There are many factors that come into play when choosing the right home.  After discussing your needs and wants, we will familiarize you with the different housing types available to help you narrow your search and assure you’ll find what you’re looking for in a home.  We will also determine how much house you can afford on your budget, so that we can help you find a home that suits both your lifestyle and your budget.


Save Money On The Purchase Of Your Home


Reducing the financial burden of a purchase of this magnitude is something every soon-to-be homeowner welcomes.  With our intricate knowledge of the business, we will show you a variety of things you can do before, during, and after the closing to save up to money on the purchase of your home!



Knowing And Understanding Your Credit


It’s important to understand what credit is and how it affects you when buying a home.  Together, we can find out what your credit score is and discuss what it says to lenders.  We can show you how to get a FREE copy of your credit report and how to correct any errors you may find.  If you have not-so-great credit, we also work with credit repair experts who can help you repair your damaged credit and put you back on the right path.  We also have an excellent rent-to-own program that is beneficial to you during the transition.




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